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SaveSURGE News

Greetings SURGE fans and welcome to the 147th edition of SaveSURGE News! We’re vaulting into new territory.

All About Vault
VaultIf you’ve checked out at all this week, you know that we’ve had just one focus: Vault. Coca-Cola’s new citrus drink started showing up over Memorial Day weekend and it has been the main topic of discussion amongst SURGE fans.

So, what does it taste like? Is it exactly the same as SURGE?? Personally, I haven’t tried it yet but if all goes well I will be drinking it this weekend as I take a road trip down to Virginia. Expect a full report on Monday, June 6.

However, Co-Webmaster Avery Lund had a chance to try Vault in Michigan and says “Amazing! It’s like SURGE at first but then mellows out a little more but still retains that strong SURGElike initial bite. All in all I think it’s just great and I wish all SURGE lovers could taste this and rejoice, it's not quite SURGE but its darn close.”

Avery’s not the only one excited by Vault! Here are some other quotes:

“My taste buds have been on hold for the past 5 years until now.”
-Randy from Michigan

“Simply opening the bottle, the smell of Surge was there. The taste is VERY similar, but there is a bit of difference in the aftertaste, as some have said.”
-Daniel A. from Michigan

"Vault tastes exactly how I remember Surge tasting."
-Bryant from Alabama

However, there were some less favorable comparisons when it comes to Vault tasting like SURGE:

"When I tasted it I was highly disappointed, it DOES NOT taste like Surge. dnL tastes more like Surge than Vault."

"I used to drink tons of SURGE! And unless my memory is failing me...this new Vault cola doesn't remind me of Surge at all!"

So there you have it, the good and the bad. I must note that of all of the reviews we have received, the vast majority compared Vault favorably to SURGE. As we know, tasting a soda is a very subjective thing. I’ve been saying this a lot lately: 100 different people could try Vault and come up with a 100 unique opinions.

The bottom line for me is that if Vault tastes like SURGE to me, then I consider this a victory. Maybe not the victory we were all hoping for, but still something to celebrate!

We all have to make that decision for ourselves. If you have the opportunity, give Vault a try and see for yourself just how close to SURGE it really is.

For all the latest Vault News & Reviews, visit:

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So, What Happens to the Site?
One question that has been coming up a lot during the past few weeks has been: If Vault is exactly the same as SURGE (or at least, very similar), what will happen to

No matter what happens with Vault or SURGE, our community will continue to thrive! The website won’t be going anywhere! For over three years we have worked hard and had so much fun trying to save SURGE. By no means would we throw that away just because Vault is on the market.

Obviously, the site has taken a focus on Vault in recent weeks and with good reason. This is a big moment in our community’s history and it’s our job to cover it as completely as we can.

As we continue to receive your opinions about Vault, we will begin figuring out how and if this new brand will integrate into the website. If we continue to receive so much positive feedback about Vault, we may begin a campaign to ensure it is launched nationally and will stay on the market for SURGE fans everywhere to enjoy.

For those of you that are concerned, don’t worry, SURGE has not left our minds. Regardless of whether or not we officially throw our support behind Vault, will still be a community made up of people who love SURGE. We’ll still celebrate the soda we love and make sure that no one ever forgets.

And, if sentiment among fans is to reject Vault, our activism focus will return to the original Fully Loaded Citrus Soda.

Above all, we want to serve the best interests of SURGE fans. Obviously, we can’t make everyone happy. But we are going do our best to give you what you and have earned over these past three years.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be one heck of a summer!

Convince to Sell Vault
Please send an e-mail to or call toll-free at (888) 694-2656 and ask online retailer to sell Vault! They are based in Virginia, one of the test-marketing states. Tell them that sent you!

Poll Results – Road Trip!
The latest SURGE Poll asked you: Will you be purchasing Vault when it comes out on June 1?

71.6% - Yes
28.3% - No

Total Votes: 120

The excitement surrounding Vault continues to build!

That’s all the time we have for this week. Thank you all SURGE fans for your continued support!


Eric Karkovack