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No, it's not a joke. Thanks to the efforts of SURGE fans everywhere (especially those of you in the SURGE Movement). Coca-Cola has finally allowed SURGE to be sold in 16oz. cans exclusively on Amazon.

Here's the thing: We have to buy up this stuff faster than they can make it to ensure it never goes away again. We've worked too hard for too long to take this opportunity for granted.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that taste you've longed for NOW!

What's New

Draven Finds SURGE In Pro Wrestling
Draven Valentine, independant pro wrestler, walks into a show he's working and what does he find? SURGE Memorabilia!
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE!

Did You Read The Bulletin Board?
Oh, wait, did I forget to mention I set up a new Bulletin Board (forum) for us? People have been asking about it, so I figured (for the time being) I'd set up a simple one for us to talk on. Want new categories? Tell me, I'll add them!
Bulletin Board

New Notice! Under New Management!
Well, sort of. Karks is still the head chief around here, but he gave me the steering wheel and told me to drive on! So, hopefully, the site will start getting updated regularly! As of September 2011, Coke dropped Vault from their products list. It seems like a tease to me! Nonetheless, the SaveSurge.Org movement is back in action! Hopefully we can get back to the number of supporters we did during our glory days, and we can only do it by working hard! I, for one, am not happy about losing my Vault, and I want my SURGE back this time!
I... no, WE, will NOT give up!
-SaveSurge.Org Hall Of Famer Cody Hauri

Do You See What I See?
SURGE has never ceased to amaze me. There's currently (2/26/2012) ONE CAN on ebay that, alone, is already over $60! Someone fly in and get yourself a can of the Fully Loaded Citrus Soda (with Carbos)!
$URGE on eBay

Still want to Save SURGE? Join the SURGE Movement on Facebook!
Still want to Save SURGE?
Join the SURGE Movement on Facebook!

Just Like Old Times
SURGE has done some pretty amazing things on eBay and that doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon. Need proof? Here, 30 unopened cans just sold for $127.50! Congratulations to Rob The SURGE drinker for his victory!
$URGE on eBay

Jacob, Cody, Ben, Chase & Friends Petition for SURGE
These young men setup a booth at a local festival to spread the word about their favorite soda. They gathered signatures for their Local Petition and gave their town a good dose of Soda Activism.
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE

Bob WelkeQ & A with Bob Welke - Creative Director on the Original SURGE Ad Campaign
We at are very proud to present a Q & A with a very important member of SURGE's history. Bob Welke is currently the CEO of Blue Horse, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI. But back in the 90s, he was the Creative Director on the very first SURGE ad campaign while working with Leo Burnett in Chicago, IL. Bob was kind enough to answer some questions about the very beginnings of our favorite soda.
Read Bob's thoughts in For the Love of SURGE

Luke & Mark's SURGE Commercial
These guys made their own SURGE commercial, and it truly rocks!
Watch it now in For the Love of SURGE

Jacob H.'s SURGE Logos
Our pal Jacob took the time to send in these fine-lookin' logos.
Check them out in For the Love of SURGE

Update on "Save Surge: Fully Loaded"
Updated 9/18/07 Hall of Famer Drew Bizzell gives us the skinny on the progress of his new movie.
Read all about it in For the Love of SURGE

Will Sees SURGE on the Menu Hall of Famer Will went into a particular restaurant and saw a particular logo of a great soda.
Get the story in For the Love of SURGE

Sign of SURGE in TN
Greg shows us that a mall in Oak Ridge, TN hasn't forgotten the good old days.
Enjoy the glory in For the Love of SURGE

Jason Finds a SURGE Memory
Jason walked into a diner and found something that used to be everywhere.
See it in For the Love of SURGE

Nate's Summer of SURGE
Nate tells us of a gaming marathon made possible by the one and only SURGE.
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE

Save Surge: Fully LoadedSave Surge: Fully Loaded
Coming Spring 2008! Hall of Famer Drew Bizzell recently revealed that the sequel to the ever-poplular "Save Surge: The Movie" will be released in the Spring of 2008! Drew tells us that he will start shooting some new footage within the coming weeks. We can't wait to see the movie!!!
Visit Drew's Site

Mike N.'s SURGE Stories
Mike shares some of his best memories of his favorite soda.
Read his thoughts in For the Love of SURGE

New SURGE Site
Surge Rescue aims to bring it back!
Click here to visit the site

Chris M. Gets Some Norwegian Nectar
He was very happy to get this baby in the mail!
Share his joy in For the Love of SURGE

Urge Making a Comeback in Norway
Our friend Christer recently had the honor of attending a focus group that Coca-Cola Norway put together to discuss SURGE's cousin, Urge.
Read the story in For the Love of SURGE

Drink Purge?
Back in the day, Nick and his friends decided to make their own parody of the orginal SURGE Commercials.
Watch it in For the Love of SURGE

Jacob H. and Cody Fight for SURGE!
Our friends Jacob H. and Hall of Famer Cody Hauri decided to take their love of SURGE to the streets outside their local bottler. After the protest, they made a startling discovery!
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE

Mike C. used his talents to create the absolute best-looking NASCAR in this history of mankind!
Behold the beauty in For the Love of SURGE

Zak's Simple SURGE Recipe
Zak has found about the easiest way to make authentic-tasting SURGE that we've seen.
Make your own in Recipes

Jon's Drawing
A slow day in class leads to some great artwork.
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE

Heidi's SURGE Lamp
Her roomate found the most unusual lamp!
Illuminate yourself in For the Love of SURGE

Will's Fleamarket Find Hall of Famer Will came across this rare item recently.
Enjoy it in For the Love of SURGE

Missy & Karen Remember SURGE
How else could they have gotten through those slumber parties???
Read their story in For the Love of SURGE

Leora's Shocking SURGE Find!
All we can say is...what the heck is up with this store? :)
Find out in For the Love of SURGE

Jacob H.'s SURGE-Themed Birthday
Jacob had a birthday that featured the greatest soday in history.
Get the details in For the Love of SURGE

Daylin Reviews URGE
Daylin got a hold of SURGE's Norwegian cousin.
Get his opinion in URGE Reviews

Chris and Friends Loved SURGE
Chris looks back at how popular SURGE was.
Find out more in For the Love of SURGE

Chris L.'s SURGE Recipe
Chris has a simple recipe that sounds very effective.
Try it for yourself in For the Love of SURGE

Andrew's SURGE Stories
Andrew L. remembers his SURGE winnings and how his favorite soda was connected with summer camp.
Read his stories in For the Love of SURGE

Steve is Selling Trays
Our friend Steve is selling his collection of 14 Steak-N-Shake trays featuring the SURGE logo on eBay.
Check out his auction

Citizen Marketers Book Giveaway Winners
We've announced the winners!
Find out who won in the Vault Blog

As Seen on...CNN!!!
I am very pleased to announce that our community was featured as part of a story on CNN on Thursday, January 11 at approximately 7:50 PM Eastern! It aired during "The Situation Room".
Get the whole story in the Blog | Watch it on!

Jacob H. Receives a Cool Present
As you know, Steak n' Shake sold SURGE. Also, you may know that they always have had those round trays with Coke logos on them...
Read on in For the Love of SURGE

Josh G. Gives us a SURGE Poem and Some Pics
Josh remembers his days as a SURGE fan when he was a senior in high school. He wrote a terrific poem professing his love for the one and only Fully Loaded Citrus Soda.
Enjoy his words in For the Love of SURGE

One Day, This Bin Will Belong to Cody
As those of us who own a giant SURGE bin can tell you, it's an experience like no other! Cody tells us that he will one day join our very select group.
Check out what he's waiting for in For the Love of SURGE

Jacob H. Shares a Holiday Greeting and a SURGE Story
Jacob was kind enough to send us a holiday card along with a story about a place that used to have our beloved SURGE.
See it all in For the Love of SURGE

Cody's Room of SURGE Hall of Famer Cody recently moved and he got the chance to decorate his room any way he wanted. Guess which Fully Loaded Citrus Soda he decided to honor?
Check out the room in For the Love of SURGE

Want to Own the Famous "SURGE Man"? Hall of Famer Andrew R. is preparing to graduate from college and is offering someone in our community a unique opportunity. He's selling his "SURGE Man" which he and a friend constructed entirely out of old SURGE cans! While he has not set a price, he is offering free delivery of this beautiful piece of SURGE history if you live within a 100-mile radius of Lititz, PA.
Contact Andrew for more information

SURGE Cab for Sale
Shirley wrote in to let us know that she is selling a vintage SURGE Checker Cab for the sum of $5,000. If anyone is intersted please e-mail us and we'll put you in touch with her.
E-Mail Us

Jacob Remembers SURGE and a Great Friend
Jacob tells us of his memories of SURGE and a very special lady who introduced him to it. This one will get you in the Thanksgiving spirit!
Read his story in For the Love of SURGE

Jarred Finds One Great Vending Machine
This one is a dream for members of our community.
Get ready to drooll in For the Love of SURGE

F's SURGE Photos
F wrote in to share some great images of SURGE, including this screen capture from the hit game "Second Life".
See them in For the Love of SURGE

Salvadore Sees a Sign in Dallas Hall of Famer Salvadore has previously told us about a sign of the glory days in Las Vegas. This time, he found one in good ol' Dallas, TX.
Enjoy the nostalgia in For the Love of SURGE

SURGE: The Lost Commercial
Jack and his friends created this unbelievably good tribute to their favorite soda's classic commercials. It's one of the best additions of the year!
Watch it now in Multimedia

John's Really Excellent Day at Work
It's not often that you get this lucky on the job!
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE

Salvadore's SURGE Logo
Hall of Famer Salvadore contributes this very cool logo that he calls "SURGE in a Mirror".
Enjoy it in For the Love of SURGE

SURGE: A 90's Original
This anonymous SURGE fan longs for the glory days of their favorite drink.
Read on in For the Love of SURGE

Cody's SURGE Logo Hall of Famer Cody Hauri continues his run of great additions to our site with this excellent logo.
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE

Braden's Great SURGE Migration
When Braden heard that SURGE had recently been found in a fountain in Pittsburgh, PA, he jumped at the chance to taste his favorite soda.
See his triumph in For the Love of SURGE

Come On, It's Only Been 7 Months...
Yeah, it's really been that long since I've posted!
Read on in the Blog

Michael P.'s SURGE Logo
Michael's logo contains from each of the two original SURGE logos.
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE's Blast from the Past
MartyO & Surge-io Spread the Word at TwinsFest
The guys take their soda activism to the Major Leagues!
Check it out!

E-Mail Issues
If anyone sent an e-mail to us from August 1-August 11, there's a good chance we didn't receive it due to a technical problem. Please do send your correspondence again and we apologize for the inconvenience!
Click here to e-mail us

One Taste was All it Took for Spencer
The sweet taste of SURGE had Spencer hooked at a very young age.
Find out how old he was in For the Love of SURGE

SURGE Was a Way of Life for Chris
Chris wrote in with some fond memories of the soda he loves.
Enjoy his story in For the Love of SURGE

Lost SURGE Commercial Discovered!
Thanks to our friend nWoAssassin94 for finding this long-lost gem!
Watch it now at RetroJunk | Our Commercial Archive

Troy's SURGE Discovery
While looking in his uncle's basement, he found a tasty stash of SURGE!
Read the story in For the Love of SURGE

Dave C.'s SURGE Recipe
Dave has concocted a recipe that he says is very close to the original.
Get the special formula in Recipes

Lisa Finds SURGE in a Pittsburgh Fountain!
No wonder the Steelers won the Super Bowl...they must have had a SURGE before the big game (the refs probably had Mt. Dew...). Lisa tells us that they are still serving the world's only Fully Loaded Citrus Soda at a Korean restaurant in the city.
Find out where in For the Love of SURGE

Scott's Memories of SURGE
Thinking of SURGE brings Scott back to the good old days.
Check it out in For the Love of SURGE

Troy Misses SURGE
Troy was just a little guy when SURGE came out, but he remembers it like it were yesterday.
Relive the glory days in For the Love of SURGE

Earl is Saving His Last Can
Earl has one glorious can of SURGE left and he's not about to drink it - no matter how tempting it is!
Read his story in For the Love of SURGE

Top Secret Info: There Were Plans for a Diet SURGE!
Many thanks to our friends over at for providing us with a very interesting document.
Check it out in SaveSURGE News

Top Secret Pics from the 1997 SURGE Launch! has acquired some exclusive pictures from one of the original SURGE launch teams!
New pics added 4/27/05!
See the pics in For the Love of SURGE

SURGE Fans @ Country Thunder USA
Going on right now! SURGE Fans Debbie, Shirley and their family are fighting to save the soda they love at Country Thunder USA in Florence, AZ. They have rented out a booth at the festival and will be collecting signatures for their local petition. The ladies will be sending in periodic reports and photos! Keep checking back for the latest updates.
Latest Update: April 20 - 2:16PM EST -
Day 4 Photos Added!

Check out all reports in our special Country Thunder Blog

Halvor Sells URGE! is happy to announce that there is now a way for SURGE fans to sample our favorite soda's cousin from Norway, URGE. Halvor Strand lives in Norway and he now purchases and ships 0.5 liter bottles of URGE to fans in the United States.
Find out the details in URGE in the USA


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