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Terra's Letter

Hi There,

First off I would like to say that you have made a very big mistake when discontinuing one of your sodas years ago. It was called Surge. It was truly the BEST soda I have EVER tasted, by far, no comparison with other sodas. There are thousands of die-hard Surge fans that miss the soda greatly. We miss it so much we pay $20 for one expired can on eBay. That says something, we will go to great lengths to find anything Surge related. I also know that you've come out with a new drink, Vault, that it very similar to Surge, but its not Surge. It a great drink, but it's not what we yearn for, it's not our beloved Surge. I have searched aimlessly for years since the discontinuation of Surge, with no luck finding anything even close. Every time I saw a green bottle I would buy it and try it, with no luck. To my surprise, when seeing Vault and trying it, brought back so many memories, and yes it's just a drink as people have stated to me, but it's not just a drink, it's the best drink ever, and was cut short before its time. It's like a child in a school play waiting months to perform her big song, and pulled off stage right before her act. You would make so many people happy just by bringing back a drink, one simple drink. It's not that much to ask, it's all we want, it's what we long for, and miss deeply. Please take into consideration bringing back this wonderful drink, for the fans. If you need proof of the dedication of the fans please go to Thank you for you time,

-Terra N.

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