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Ross's Letter

Dear whoever it may concern,

I was talking to my friend over the weekend about cherished childhood memories. One we definitely agreed on was playing basketball all day during the summer and going inside to throw down a couple cold, refreshing Surges. I am sure you most likely will disregard this e-mail, but after a Google search, I came across a website: This is excellent and proves that I am not the only person who either enjoys reminiscing about the past or just drinking a great, refreshing beverage with that added kick. If you could consider bringing it back on to the market, I would only buy Coca-Cola products. As of now, Mountain Dew is really the only Pepsi product that I drink, and Surge would easily replace that as my favorite soft drink. Anyway, thank you for your time (if any), and please consider this.

Nostalgic and Thirsty Person.

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