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Recent News
We [SaveSURGE] can't tell you all the details just yet but something very positive happened recently in the campaign to bring back SURGE. Within the coming weeks, we're going to ask every SURGE fan out there to participate in something that very well may determine the fate of our beloved beverage.  Stay tuned and stay positive!!!

How You Can Help
Step 1:
Find Your Local Coca-Cola Bottler (You can use's Coca-Cola Directory)
Step 2: Write a Letter and/or Make a Phone Call (1-800-GET-COKE)
The Coca-Cola Company
One Coca-Cola Plaza
Atlanta, GA 30313
Step 3: Sign The Petition

Step 4:
Start a Local Petition
Step 5:
Distribute The Flyer

Find out more ways to help @

What Happened To SURGE®?
SURGE® was discontinued by the Coca-Cola Company® in 2002. And is currently only available at about 130 known locations (Soda Fountain only).

The Saga
At the beginning, SURGE® was a hit. At the end of SURGE®'s second year (February 1999), Coke® realized that the brand was really falling apart as sales fell 17.2 Million cases to 51.8 Million. By February 2000, just 3 short years after its huge introduction, SURGE® lost another 48.5% dropping to 26.7 Million cases lagging behind Mello Yello® and only .5 million cases away from being bested by Citra.

Bottlers began dumping SURGE® for the revamped Mello Yello®, the very beast SURGE® was supposed to replace. By February 2002 most Coca-Cola® bottlers stopped production of SURGE®. If TAB® can survive, then so can SURGE®.

SURGE is a registered trademark of the Coca-Cola Company