Chris Finds SURGE, Buys Out a Store

Walked into Fallston Maryland Seven eleven 8/2/2016 was going to buy a redbull and there it was in all its glory a 16 oz. aluminum can, original deco, Surge can I thought. I died and went to heaven…I asked the store clerk for their entire inventory I think the guy thought I was joking. I bought all the ones in the rack and asked if they had more in the back.

The guy had no clue my love for this drink.

Been a huge fan and supporter of this site since it started. In fact it led me to my last taste of Surge back in 2002 a seven eleven in Jersey. Outside of that I imported some Urge from time to time but now Surge is back and in my area is just proof miracles can happen.

If anybody needs me to hook them up please let me know.

long live Surge

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Well, a redesign was really only about 10 years overdue! The site is being fully (re)loaded to help celebrate SURGE’s triumphant return to our lives. Things will be a little different in that our focus will be on bringing you the best videos, photos, links and original features regarding your favorite soda.
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