Back from the Dead

It has certainly been awhile, friends. This site has been on and off for the past several months due to some technical issues and I just hadn’t taken the time to sort everything out. My apologies for the delay!

Things are looking better for both the site and SURGE itself. My goodness, I even found it in my local Sheetz store!

It truly is amazing to walk into a store and find a display of SURGE, just waiting for me (I think it’s even calling to me, haha).

For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years back (it’s an autoimmune issue, has nothing to do with my sugar intake). So any sugary food or drink, even SURGE, is a rare treat. Probably a bit ironic that SURGE finally is available locally again and yet I really can’t drink it all that much. A friend gave me a can a few weeks back and it’s just sitting there in my fridge!

But the great thing is that I get to see others enjoying SURGE. Fans have worked so hard for this moment and I love seeing them soak up every last drop.

So stay tuned, and feel free to share your thoughts on SURGE’s big comeback. I’m hoping to update the site more regularly as we move through 2016.

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Dude, We’re Here to Party

Well, a redesign was really only about 10 years overdue! The site is being fully (re)loaded to help celebrate SURGE’s triumphant return to our lives. Things will be a little different in that our focus will be on bringing you the best videos, photos, links and original features regarding your favorite soda.
More about the comeback...

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