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Will SURGE Come to Stores?

My goodness, the rumor mill is churning on this one. We’ve heard reports that SURGE will be in Safeway stores within a few weeks (thanks to Joey C. for finding a Facebook post related to this). And this tweet from Coke seems to have people wondering:

The big question is, even with all the demand we’re seeing on Amazon, can SURGE sell enough in grocery & convenience stores? Do we really want to push expectations that high? All valid questions. And, of course, I want to see SURGE get into as many mouths as possible. We’ll see!

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SURGE Sells Out…Yeah, Again

This stuff is selling out faster than your favorite politician! Seriously, Coke has got to be thrilled with the results of Amazon sales so far.

But please, dear Coca-Cola, make a few thousand more cases of this stuff so it doesn’t sell out within a couple of hours. People are getting desperate.

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SURGE Back in Stock

Finally! You can get some on Amazon by clicking here.

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Dude, We’re Here to Party

Well, a redesign was really only about 10 years overdue! The site is being fully (re)loaded to help celebrate SURGE’s triumphant return to our lives. Things will be a little different in that our focus will be on bringing you the best videos, photos, links and original features regarding your favorite soda.
More about the comeback...

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